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Who should attend the SWFS?: • Fashion Entrepreneurs ages between 18 - 45 years. • Fashion Startups Businesses • Fashion Schools • Fashion Cooperatives • Fashion Retail Stores • Fashion Hubs • National Youth Corps • Undergraduate Students of Institutions of Higher Learning • Anyone interested in buying at a discount @jetheights @datinadesigns @tinutemi @afhericoncept @rareedge @uniplanintegratedservices @theayoalexalao @kunleawotiku_mrword @ibadansme @de_rayo @oluwatobi_adewuyi @judetayo @ibadan247 @ibadanconnect @paulalasiri @ibadan247 @ibadancity @connectibadan @ibadaninsiderigns ...

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As you go into this month, stay focused on the prize and remember the energy and hope you started this year with. This is not the time to get tired, it's time to muster all the energy and run towards the prize. Success is close, you only need to keep pressing forward. Happy new month. From all of us at Jetheights...

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