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Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions and Answers

Who Are You?


Jetheights Services Limited is Africa’s focused advertising & marketing communication firm. We build small and medium sized companies, our focus is on Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa as the gateway to Africa.

Do you work on small projects


Absolutely! We are in the business of helping small businesses grow, and when they do, we become really proud to have been a part of their journey.

Can you help me sell online?


Yes. As a leading firm in Content Marketing, SEO,  Branding, Paid ads, Web Design and other social marketplaces, and web design services, we pride ourselves on driving extensive growth in qualified traffic, converting visitors to customers, and in the use of cutting-edge technology to deliver real results for you.

Where Exactly Are You Located?


We operate in both United Kingdom & Nigeria.

What Does It Cost To Get My Website Done?


Our website prices depends on a number of factors; including the number of pages, level of design, and kind of functionality. However, on a general note, you would expect to pay from $157 (60, 000 naira) and above for a new website in 2021. 

Can You Help With My Sales and Landing Pages?


Definitely. We build product sales pages and landing pages to increase conversion rates for brand, both dependent and independent of clients’ websites.

How Do I Increase My Website Traffic?


There are countless ways to increase your website traffic. We have put together packages for that purpose here.

How Can I Market My Business Online?


We can make this very easy and stress free for you. Our digital marketing and PR services are tailored to help you reach a wider range of audience from the comfort of your home, while also ensuring you’re making more sales.

I Need An Online Store. Can You Help?


We build e-commerce websites at very affordable prices and Heebee Beauty Salon can testify to this. Check out this e-commerce site we built for them.

Can I Do SEO Myself?


Yes, you can. Nevertheless, not only are we here to rid you of the stress while you focus on other matters prioritized, but it would save you cost and a lot of mistakes most especially because we are experienced experts in that field.


A website is a business’s greatest asset, and so, one must ensure certain things are in place before building one, just to ensure that the site converts at its maximum capacity. Download this resource to find out the intricacies of a good website and what you need to know before paying a designer to get your website done for you.

How well you sell on social media can depend on the platform you’re using, what strategies you’re employing, your customer base and even what your goals are. So, first things first- it’s important to understand what strategies to employ and ways you can get your audience to trust you enough to buy from you ONLINE.

If you’re based in Nigeria, and you’ve got some cash aside, and you’re wondering what business to start with as low as 100k, you would find all the answers you need in this resources, coupled with the requirements for each business and how to kick-start immediately. Just click the button below.

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