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With our live streaming services are powered by the latest Technology, therefore, we guarantee you a hitch-free Streaming session.


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What Does Our Livestream Service Include?

When you invest in our Livestream services, you get to stream to all of Africa and connect with customers and fans with so much ease. All you have to do is prep for your session and we would take care of the wireless set up and broadcast. Take a look at a breakdown of what our livestream service include;


When you go live, we converse with viewers in real-time by reading comments in the live chat and interact with the audience and remove comments when appropriate. We can also flag, hide, or put users in time out. Thereby keeping the stream quality to a high standard set out by you.

Stream Conference

Distribution is arguably the most important step of any live event, and we make it easy to cross-promote your stream on your Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn accounts, and other platforms your audience is watching from.

Tech Management

Live streaming is more approachable and more relevant for all. While broadcasting content is easier than ever before, understanding the many factors involved in the setup can still be overwhelming. The various hardware, software, and platform options can create a barrier to getting started. Our team of experienced and skilled personnel can help you with the set up of your live stream to the production and video management.

Analytics Tracking

With many video live streaming services, you can see relevant metrics like viewer numbers, engagement, and behaviors. This data will help you to identify more clearly who your audience really is. It’s important to be able to track the success of your live-streamed event in terms of viewership and viewers’ behavior.
Our team is well equipped with tracking tools and analytics dashboards to help you evaluate the outcome of your live event.

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Why You Need This Service

Live TV Reinvented

TV subscriptions have been on the decline and it can be attributed to the growth of live streaming and specifically to a shift in viewers’ behaviour. The online video industry showed viewers that they should be in control to watch what they want when they want it.

Engagement Beyond TV

Live streaming is so important, for brands and individuals, is because of the level of interaction and engagement it offers. No other platform or marketing strategy allows for such a level of interaction. Live streaming also has the highest rate of engagement of all content types.

Human Aspect

The genuine interaction that live streaming allows, creates a relationship with viewers. Videos on demand simply can’t create the same feeling because there’s less room for viewers to identify with the presenters.

Expand Your Reach As a Brand

With increased exposure, you can generate more leads for your business or get more followers for your personal brand. It is easier to get people to find and share live videos. Since it requires immediate action, they’ll need to share your content right away so their friends can also see it.

Cost effective

The financial implication for setting up your live streaming service can be daunting and be a burden to an organisation but We at Jetheights Services take all that responsibility to enable organisations focus on business objectives.

Fast Growing Industry

A proof of the growth of live videos is the changes happening in all the social media platforms. Apart from the platforms created for live streaming, most social media channels now also facilitate live video. For example, Facebook live, YouTube live, Instagram, Periscope from Twitter, Live.ly from Music.ly and many more. Live videos are here to stay and they are taking over..

Questions & Answers

What is Live Streaming?


A live stream is a video that you can record on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop and broadcast at the same time. With the right tech, anyone can do it.

Which Software, Service, or App is Best for Live Streaming My Business?


It depends entirely on what you want and expect from the experience. There are several platforms that you can live stream on depending on the purpose of the Livestream and the audience you want to attract. Example of these platforms and softwares include: Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Streamyard etc.

Which Hardware is Best for Live Streaming?


Most smartphone cameras are good enough for a quick and simple live stream. The recent releases from some top phone brands are particularly great for filming. However, if you want to live stream a proper, organized event, it might be worth investing in something a bit more heavy duty.

Why Is My Live Stream So Slow?


You need strong bandwidth to live stream. More than that though, the technology is still new. Remember what YouTube videos looked like in 2007? Well, that’s pretty much where live streaming is now, still a work in progress.

What Can Live Streaming Do For Small Businesses?​?


With live streaming, anyone with a phone can go live, whenever they want. For small businesses, this is huge news. Before, a business could spend millions trying to get a live video message out to their customers. Now, they can do it for free.

However, it is worth being just a little bit skeptical. After all, your audience is only as big as the number of people who follow your business on social media, so to compare live streaming to live TV advertising is a bit disingenuous.

Are Social Media and Marketing Compatible in This Case? Or Is It Just a Gimmick?​


Live streaming is what you make of it. If you treat live streaming like a gimmick, it will look gimmicky. However, if you use it for a purpose, then it won’t. Social media and marketing compatibility depend entirely on the business doing the marketing. This is true for live streaming, tweeting, or any other kind of social media outreach.

When Should I Live Stream??


Whenever you said you would. The key to a great live streaming session is like the key to great YouTube content: regularity. If you want to live stream more than once, do it at the same time every day, week, fortnight, month, or whenever. The important thing is that people know when to tune in.

If it’s a one-off event that you’re live streaming, promote it. In fact, promote it alongside promotion for the event itself.

How Should I Promote My Live Stream?


You should promote your live stream the way you would promote any event. Beyond that, though, different live streaming technologies have different promoting features built-in.

YouTube, for example, has a whole range of features that allow its users to promote their live streams. Other live streaming technologies have their own features, and you can check out our social media service

For Facebook and Twitter, the best way to promote your live stream is simply through posts and Tweets about when your live stream will be. Promotional photos and videos wouldn’t hurt, either.

Other Services

In addition to our Livestream Service, as a leading firm in Content Marketing, SEO,  Branding, Paid ads, Web Design and other social marketplaces, and web design services, we pride ourselves on driving extensive growth in qualified traffic, converting visitors to customers, and in the use of cutting-edge technology to deliver real results for you. Browse these services now, or contact us online to talk with an experienced strategist about these different options.

Web Designing and Development

We are a leading web design agency with a result-driven team that creates innovative, tailor-made websites that convey your brand message effectively, improve your conversion rates, and maximize the effectiveness of your sales funnel.

Web Content Management

We help businesses streamline and organize their website in the best way possible to ensure a web presence that drives immense online visibility, traffic, and increased conversion rates. Whatever your needs, we deliver based on the best web content management systems.

Digital Marketing/ Paid Ads

The core part of our service as one of Nigeria’s and Africa’s leading online advertising platform, is offering businesses like yours the opportunity to reach their desired audience within Nigeria, Africa and across thousands of relevant online platforms around the globe.

Graphics & Branding

We know exactly what it takes to design the perfect graphics for your business and industry. Our design experts create engaging graphics that explain and captivate viewers. Our content strategy team will work with you to determine the best fit for your campaign goals.

Social Media Services

Our social media services go beyond everyday management of your pages. Our focus is on driving impactful business growth, enhancing your brand’s social media presence, drive targeted leads, increase your sales, and improve your customer loyalty.

Video Marketing

Using videos on your website, landing pages and social media profiles is a smart move to enable your business gain increased engagement, credibility, and massive conversions. Our video services guarantee exactly those and more! Click to explore our really affordable packages.

PR & Content Marketing

Our PR and Content Marketing services are known to boost brand images, double website conversion rates, drive brand awareness and website traffic, while also increasing company’s revenue. We also deliver custom content based on search engine optimization standards.

Search Engine Optimization

Ready to optimize your site for organic search? Our SEO custom services and campaigns would help your site rank higher, earn you more qualified traffic, and help your most valuable audience find you online whenever they need you. Let’s make SEO a revenue driver for your business.


Media Buying

We won’t use the several cliche phrases like “take your business to the next level”, because we stand out distinctively in ideas and strategies. Our promise is a unique approach when choosing media for our clients, whether through direct marketing, pay per click or print media. Get a closer look at how we do this.

Livestream Services

Get your audience or employees motivated and mobilized with our streaming services. From online seminars, onboarding activities, church events and other social or corporate programs, stream your way to engage with your audience directly anywhere in the world.

Startup Consultation

When starting up, having expert advice available can significantly improve the chances of success and reduce heavy cost. Save time, revenue and resources by leveraging on our wealth of experience to create an edge for your new business venture. A unique brand persona awaits you!

IT/ Corporate Training

Investing in employee development is investing in your own business success. We provide corporate training in emerging technologies like IT, project management, customer relations, digital marketing, sales and more, to help businesses succeed in the digital space.


A website is a business’s greatest asset, and so, one must ensure certain things are in place before building one, just to ensure that the site converts at its maximum capacity. Download this resource to learn all you need to know before paying a designer to get your website done for you.

How well you sell on social media can depend on the platform you’re using, what strategies you’re employing, your customer base and even what your goals are. So, first things first- it’s important to understand what strategies to employ and ways you can get your audience to trust you enough to buy from you ONLINE.

If you’re based in Nigeria, and you’ve got some cash aside, and you’re wondering what business to start with as low as 100k, you would find all the answers you need in this resources, coupled with the requirements for each business and how to kick-start immediately. Just click the button below.

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