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Omotomilola Olushola Olufunmilayo, an Online Editor at Jetheights Services Limited, received numerous hugs and friendly goodbye kisses from her colleagues, currently schooling at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State, she arrived the Jetheights Services for an internship placement about a year ago, and to send her off, the C.E.O  and every member of the staffs, organised a nice get together to celebrate her and pictures were taken.


Jeheights Services Limited is one of the fast growing IT Solutions provider company in Nigeria, and they have amazing mix of staffs, brewed with immense wisdom, knowledge and creativity, there amazing staffs include Interns, Corp members, Graduates and highly skilled professionals, the best part of the whole team is that they learn from each other daily and of course from the C.E.O himself.



Some of Miss Shola’s close colleagues spoke about there experience with her, Miss Tari Vid  said, she enjoyed every single time they spent together at work, and would really miss her alot, the Human Resource Manager, Mr Matthew also said that even though she can be ‘a pain in the neck’ attimes, because of her never die attitude, whenever she has issues with her system or handling some work challenges, she wouldn’t leave him alone until he solves the challenge for her,and that’s one of her attributes he said he will miss, also, the C.E.O, added that, she has great abilities to become anything she wants in life, and encouraged her to be more hard working and be focused in life, indicating that if she continues with hard work, persistence and patience, she will in no time be the best in whatever she dreams of becoming, also reminding her never to forget that she still has a lot to learn in life, at the end of his advice, the C.E.O did something that has never been done before at Jetheights Services, and that is giving her an opportunity to work with the company immediately she graduates,  and putting the ‘icing on the cake’ she was presented a small gift by the C.E.O.


In appreciation, Miss Shola was really elated by the offer and thanked the company and members of its staffs and colleagues for there help so far and cooperation, in her own words she said ‘I want to say a very big thank you to all members of the staff, and especially the C.E.O as well, for the wonderful opportunity given to me during my time, thank you for teamwork, support, encouragement,correction and most especially accepting me as i am, and of course making me a better person. God bless you all. Amen‘.



After her appreciation she was bombarded with various hugs and kisses from her colleagues.



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