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June 21, 2011

NNPC 2010/2011 Recruitment Continuation Commences – Latest News

NNPC 2010/2011 Recruitment

The continuation of the NNPC recruitment 2010exercise would commence very soon. The exact and tentative date is presently uncertain. All arrangements have been concluded to end the process by July. Theperiod between the announcements and the interview dates, would also be very brief.Suggested media for announcements would be newspapers, emails, text messagesand courier. I therefore implore our brethren in the diasporas to commencetravelling arrangements.

However, the scope of the recruitment exercisehas been greatly altered because of the non passage of the petroleum industrybill, which was to create more SBU’s and definitely more jobs. Several jobpositions are going to be dropped and reduced in the process. This would alsoaffect the quota for graduate trainees.

The trainee operators and contract staffsprocess, which was temporarily suspended, is currently undergoing short listing.

This process has been greatly altered followingthe ill health of the Hon. Minister and the initial reluctance of the GMD totake any decisive action following the political situation at the time. At his60th birthday recently, he wondered aloud, why the tenure of the GMDof the NNPC could be terminated via a press statement from a mere media assistantto the president, while the CBN governor has his tenure protected by theconstitution.

The Hon. Minister is back hale and hearty, andwith the dirty way the IOC’s are going about their campaign of calumny and thefact that she was not nominated by her state, she has slim chances of returningto her seat. The personality of the Hon. Minster had given a fight to the IOC’s,and drive to the PIB and GMP.

While not doubting Jonathans intelligence, andthe fact that the problems of the industry are all well acknowledged, the Hon. Ministersfight for job creation in the industry should have been allowed to see itsconclusion. Considering that other ministries and parastatals of Government arerecruiting through the back door, we should give madam credit for what she hasdone in the NNPC thus far.


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  • akanbi S.A. Jun 24TH, 2011

    Thanks for the update on the NNPC recruitment. you are doing a “yooman” job. please, keep it up.

  • Ibrahim mailafia Jun 24TH, 2011

    NNPC is a creadable organisation hope their wil prove that in their recruitment excises.

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