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IT Training and Repairs (Offline and Online)

There is no denying it; computers changed the way the world does business. Today, users are able to perform a near-infinite variety of tasks using computers and in ways that increase both accuracy and efficiency. Ultimately, however, these complicated systems are just machines, and machines break. Just like cars and appliances require preventative maintenance and ongoing inspections and suffer occasional breakdowns, computers do, too. Skilled individuals are required to get these machines back in working order. As a result of the importance of computers today, Jetheights Services Limited has heavily invested in information technology, sponsoring research programmes towards discovering ways by which the advantages can be duly exploit to develop business and our clients can vehemently testify to our intellectual prowess and business achievements through information technology. We also play consultative roles in information technology, undertaking repairs by the aid of our trusted technicians at a low cost for the purpose of encouraging business growth and development.

We employ computer repair technicians who meet the obligations set by service contracts. They install computer equipment when it arrives at the client’s business, and follow up with subsequent visits for preventative maintenance. This is due to the fact that we care about the state of your firm. In most cases, a technician in our organization is always on call in case any part of the system fails. These professionals often perform diagnostic tests with specialized equipment to determine the nature and extent of the problem at hand.

They are equipped to handle a variety of repairs: replacing hardware components such as network and video cards and circuit boards; swapping out peripherals; rewiring internal components and more. If a technician of Jetheights Services Limited is unable to repair a machine in the field, he or she might take it back to his or her employer’s home office for further analysis or more complicated repairs.


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