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Staff Training and Development

Staff training and development is a function of human resource management concerned with organizational activity aimed at bettering the performance of individuals and groups in organizational settings. Jetheights Services Limited, knowing the importance equipping workers with necessary skills to optimize their levels of performance has taken up the huge task of training workers in several departments that make up the office so that they can contribute to the overall development of the firm. We train members of staff of different highly placed companies to enable them develop the attitude and skills that would conform to the working realities on ground. Several re-structuring and orientating exercises have been designed by the firm to assess the abilities of job seekers in order to ascertain where they will fit into in the labour force and probably in the future have a blossom career.

Our training and development encompasses three main activities: training, education, and development which we strictly adhere to with the aid of our professional team who are constantly updated with human resource training techniques through unfailing research.

  • Training: This activity is both focused upon, and evaluated against the job that an individual currently holds.
  • Education: This activity focuses upon the jobs that an individual may potentially hold in the future, and is evaluated against those jobs.
  • Development: This activity focuses upon the activities that the organization employing the individual, or that the individual is part of, may partake in the future, and is almost impossible to evaluate.


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