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Who should attend the SWFS?: • Fashion Entrepreneurs ages between 18 - 45 years. • Fashion Startups Businesses • Fashion Schools • Fashion Cooperatives • Fashion Retail Stores • Fashion Hubs • National Youth Corps • Undergraduate Students of Institutions of Higher Learning • Anyone interested in buying at a discount @jetheights @datinadesigns @tinutemi @afhericoncept @rareedge @uniplanintegratedservices @theayoalexalao @kunleawotiku_mrword @ibadansme @de_rayo @oluwatobi_adewuyi @judetayo @ibadan247 @ibadanconnect @paulalasiri @ibadan247 @ibadancity @connectibadan @ibadaninsiderigns ...

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There's no better place to showcase your products, project your brand and services if you're in the creative industry than the South West Fashion Summit 18. Get your products and services in front of hundreds of potential customers by registering now! Southwest Fashion Summit holding on the 14th and 15th of December, 2018 is surely one that must not be missed. Showcase from as low as 10k. Get in...

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