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Hey Tribe, “Leadership determines the direction of a company, organization determines its potential, but personnel determines its success.” – John C. Maxwell If you want to change your company’s outcome then you must in one way or the other affect your human resources. Your staff give life to your business/company and without them, you’ll have nothing but machines and ideas with no hopes of effective implementation. Their attitude towards...

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CEO of all CEOs, MD of all MDs, Manager of Managers, Leader of Leaders, Thought Leader of all Thought Leaders, God-Father (Baba Isale) of all Entrepreneurs, Lord of Lord, KING of Kings, Kingmaker! Ruler of all, Source of Grace, Father of all Inspiration, Motivation, Ideas, Strength, Concepts, Creativity, Networks, Plans, Projects, Purpose, Visions, Goals, Invention, Imagination, Aspirations, Revelation and Innovation ever known to man! The Word, The Life, The only Way! Ancient Team builder, Eternal "Networker",...

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