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What Does Our Web Design Services Include?

When you invest in our professional website design services, you get a website that is specifically tailored for your business, responsive, search engine optimized, secure and beautifully designed to suit your taste. You can also include additional features as much as you please. For example, you can request for special integration of chat or currency changing tools on your website, and more. Take a look at a breakdown of what our web design services include;

Website Pages

No matter what kind of business you do, our designers can create the best possible webpages that your company needs to reach and convert your target audience. We can design a one-page website for you, and even up to 10 pages, depending on how many pages you want for your site. Once you find that any of our packages doesn't contain the amount of pages you want, simply contact us and we would send a quote to suit your needs.

Responsive Design

Our websites support mobile users optimization, which would include a great number of your customers using their tablet or smartphone to browse the web, and more especially because more than 50 percent of the Internet’s traffic comes from mobile users, and Google now follows a mobile-first index- meaning that it views websites from the perspective of a mobile user, not a desktop user.

Website Copywriting

For maximum result, our team of experienced and specialized team of copywriters can help you create SEO optimized copies for your webpages to engage visitors and convert too. Our digital marketing specialists research high-value, relevant keywords for your business, industry, and webpages, which our copywriters then use to optimize your webpages, and when consumers use those keywords in their searches, your website appears at the top of search results.

Database Integeration

A lot of company websites feature a database, like those for quick chat with visitors and also those for processing payments. Jetheights also provides full support for database integration. If your business doesn’t require a database integration. If you aren't certain of the best kind of database that can work for your website, we can put you through.

Content Management System

Content Management Systems can help you manage your content, which would in turn improve your content marketing strategy. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can also help put you through how to work the content management system from the back-end of your website once we are done with designing your site.


Our goal is to ensure your website captures the essence of your brand, and that is why we understand the need for varying style options. If your company requires a sophisticated minimalist design that emphasizes what you do, or a site that is really extremely world class, our team can achieve that for you. You would have the liberty of sharing style samples of what you want for your website before we begin designing.

Listing On Business Directory

Listing your business will make it easier for both local and international customers to find your business online. Seeing as our aim at Jetheights is to ensure that your online business visibility skyrockets, our team of marketing experts know exactly the right places to list your business online so you can be found in no time.

Free Flier Design

We have a team of expert designers who know just the right graphics to accentuate your brand message and on what part of your website to place them. We render this service for businesses that either want the silver or gold packages or simply want a customized website to include this feature.

Google Analytics Integeration

Google Analytics generates a breakdown of the page views each of your blog posts receives, hence, helping you to keep a track of all the content that receives views and shares, and a more concise data With this data which you can use to enhance the top viewed content so that they appeal to the customers in a more productive manner. With a full understanding of how this works, we would implement this feature on your website for effective and more data-driven result.

E-commerce Functionality

There's a lot you can achieve with your website especially with sales. We can help you utilize your website fully by adding the option of selling your products straight from your website. Through e-commerce marketing, you can generate income online easily, as your customers will be able to order and pay for your products and services directly from your website.

Web Design Package (Single-page Website)

Best Choice
    • N 40,000
      • Yearly Renewal - 25k

      • Pages - 5-6 Section

      • SSL Security - Guaranteed

      • UI/UX Design - Guaranteed

      • Good Web Hosting & Domain Registration - 20GB Storage Space

      • Content Management System - Guaranteed

      • Standard Website - Guaranteed

      • Uniquely Designed templates

      • Easy navigation - Guaranteed

      • Responsiveness - Guaranteed

      • 5 Email Accounts

      • Free Social Media Integration - Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

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Website Design Service (Ecommerce Startup)

Website Design Service (One-off Payment)

Need something more than we have listed here? All you need to do is contact us online. We would respond to you immediately.

Website Design Services (Monthly Subscription)

Need something more than we have listed here? All you need to do is contact us online. We would respond to you immediately.

Why You Need To Invest In a Professional Web design Service

Increased Conversion Rates

Conversion Rate Optimization involves persuading more of your website visitors to take the desired action you want them to take on a webpage, website or within a campaign. But they can only do this if you give a first good impression, which is why your website needs to stand you out immediately, and further convince them to visit your location, purchase your product, join your email newsletter or contact your team for a quote. Our web design services can help you achieve this is no time at all.

Product/ Service Showcasing

Presentation plays a crucial role if you want people to buy your products or services. Even in doing so, it’s crucial to showcase your expertise in the best way possible, and having a website would afford you the luxury of presenting your products or services in the most aesthetically appealing way possible, whether with beautiful images, short video tutorials, alongside downloadable PDF instructions, you've got it all at the tip of your fingers with our world class and attractive design layout.

Increased Brand Credibility

The first question you will hear when you tell people about your business is 'where is your website?' , and over 30% of people don’t even consider a business if it doesn’t have any website. This says a lot about credibility and authenticity. Plus a professional and beautifully designed website from us would give you an opportunity to house all you do on a platform your audience can easily find and further convince prospects to do business with you.

Effective Online Targeting

Another amazing reason you need this service is that you can keep track of following key performance metrics like the number of regular visitors, how many times a page was read or visited by users, the number of people who left without reading, etc. This data can help you discover how to strategically target your customers, and what kind of content users like and how you can improve the user experience so that they keep coming back.

Competitive Edge

Remember you are not alone in the market. You have competitors trying to blow you out of the water, and some of them already have functional websites that has become a part of their online marketing strategy, not to mention they appear more credible in the market. The only way to beat them is by first having a website, which would give you a chance to research and incorporate elements that your competitors are missing. You can hire our dedicated marketing team to promote your brand and handle your online campaigns.

Increased Brand Visibility

A brand without a website can be likened to a small kiosk. No matter how good in quality or pricing your products are, or how efficient the services you offer are, not many people will be able to know about it except you take it online and keep drawing traffic to it. Our web design and management services ensure that your products and services are well listed in an attractive way, and that customers can easily locate them online. With a good content marketing strategy to back this up, your sales would increase significantly in no time at all.

Questions & Answers

What does it cost to get a website done?


Our website prices depend on a number of factors; including the number of pages, level of design, and kind of functionality. However, on a general note, you would expect to pay from $157 (60, 000 naira) and above for a new website in 2021. 

How Do I Increase My Website Traffic?


There are countless ways to increase your website traffic. We have put together packages for that purpose here.

Can You Help With My Sales and Landing Pages?


Definitely. We build product sales pages and landing pages to increase conversion rates for brand, both dependent and independent of clients’ websites.

I Need An Online Store. Can You Help?


We build e-commerce websites at very affordable prices and Heebee Beauty Store can testify to this. Check out some of our e-commerce sites here.

Will everyone who sees my website see the same thing?


Yes. Nevertheless, owing to advancements in technology, optimized sites like the ones we create can now dynamically display content differently depending on the device or screen size used by the visitor. You can check our portfolio here for a visual representation of what we mean here.

How will people find my website?


Anyone would find your website either by typing the address into their Internet browser, by searching for keywords related to your website or posts you’ve made on your website or blog, or by seeing some form of advertising (both online and offline) that directs them to visit it.

Other Services

In addition to our Website Development and Management service, as a leading firm in Content Marketing, SEO,  Branding, Paid ads and other social marketplaces, we pride ourselves on driving extensive growth in qualified traffic, converting visitors to customers, and in the use of cutting-edge technology to deliver real results for you. Browse these services now, or contact us online to talk with an experienced strategist about these different options.

Web Designing and Development

We are a leading web design agency with a result-driven team that creates innovative, tailor-made websites that convey your brand message effectively, improve your conversion rates, and maximize the effectiveness of your sales funnel.

Web Content Management

We help businesses streamline and organize their website in the best way possible to ensure a web presence that drives immense online visibility, traffic, and increased conversion rates. Whatever your needs, we deliver based on the best web content management systems.

Digital Marketing/ Paid Ads

The core part of our service as one of Nigeria’s and Africa’s leading online advertising platform, is offering businesses like yours the opportunity to reach their desired audience within Nigeria, Africa and across thousands of relevant online platforms around the globe.

Graphics & Branding

We know exactly what it takes to design the perfect graphics for your business and industry. Our design experts create engaging graphics that explain and captivate viewers. Our content strategy team will work with you to determine the best fit for your campaign goals.

Social Media Services

Our social media services go beyond everyday management of your pages. Our focus is on driving impactful business growth, enhancing your brand’s social media presence, drive targeted leads, increase your sales, and improve your customer loyalty.

Video Marketing

Using videos on your website, landing pages and social media profiles is a smart move to enable your business gain increased engagement, credibility, and massive conversions. Our video services guarantee exactly those and more! Click to explore our really affordable packages.

PR & Content Marketing

Our PR and Content Marketing services are known to boost brand images, double website conversion rates, drive brand awareness and website traffic, while also increasing company’s revenue. We also deliver custom content based on search engine optimization standards.

Search Engine Optimization

Ready to optimize your site for organic search? Our SEO custom services and campaigns would help your site rank higher, earn you more qualified traffic, and help your most valuable audience find you online whenever they need you. Let’s make SEO a revenue driver for your business.


Media Buying

We won’t use the several cliche phrases like “take your business to the next level”, because we stand out distinctively in ideas and strategies. Our promise is a unique approach when choosing media for our clients, whether through direct marketing, pay per click or print media. Get a closer look at how we do this.

Livestream Services

Get your audience or employees motivated and mobilized with our streaming services. From online seminars, onboarding activities, church events and other social or corporate programs, stream your way to engage with your audience directly anywhere in the world.

Startup Consultation

When starting up, having expert advice available can significantly improve the chances of success and reduce heavy cost. Save time, revenue and resources by leveraging on our wealth of experience to create an edge for your new business venture. A unique brand persona awaits you!

IT/ Corporate Training

Investing in employee development is investing in your own business success. We provide corporate training in emerging technologies like IT, project management, customer relations, digital marketing, sales and more, to help businesses succeed in the digital space.


A website is a business’s greatest asset, and so, one must ensure certain things are in place before building one, just to ensure that the site converts at its maximum capacity. Download this resource to learn all you need to know before paying a designer to get your website done for you.

How well you sell on social media can depend on the platform you’re using, what strategies you’re employing, your customer base and even what your goals are. So, first things first- it’s important to understand what strategies to employ and ways you can get your audience to trust you enough to buy from you ONLINE.

If you’re based in Nigeria, and you’ve got some cash aside, and you’re wondering what business to start with as low as 100k, you would find all the answers you need in this resources, coupled with the requirements for each business and how to kick-start immediately. Just click the button below.

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