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10 Unsual, But Unique Web-Design Layout That Would Work For You

Listen up! The feel and flow of your website has a lot of influence on the psyche of your readers. We’ve come across lots of websites with the same tired, old, and boring template. The problem is not that they don’t work, but rather that they are too predictable and no fun at all. It also doesn’t engage the visitor in ways that would leave your online space unforgettable, and drawing them back.


We’ve filtered many of the mundane to find samples of creative and unique website layouts that let their content shine, while also retaining the ability to pass the brands’ message across with ease.  So, allow us to introduce classy, minimalist,  and engaging examples of websites that take a different layout design from the usual, so you create pages that break the mould, without shattering user expectations.




Layout Design: a full-screen hero image that zooms into the current page and immediately begins to transition into a series of grid layouts comprising different messages from the brand.




The impression this gave us when we first stumbled on it was ‘wow!’. We couldn’t resist bookmarking it. This was created by Joseph Berry, inspired by one of his favourite movies, the 1980s classic The Goonies, which he decided to turn into a promotional-style website. He uses the power of modern web design and storytelling to create a highly engaging user experience, allowing Goonies fanatics to relive some of their favourite moments from the movie.





Design Layout: a bold, direct and crystal clear focal point.



Everyone knows Ginventory! It is the most downloaded gin and tonic guide in the world. And yes, you may have come across some design layouts like this one, but not many brands get it right this way, especially with images and text in the right place. Ginventory uses a clear focal point on their site, which helps direct the attention of visitors to their message. You can also adopt this style by putting important information on clear areas to highlight them. Your use of images, typography, colors, etc. would help foreground your focal point.





Design Layout: a music record flip interaction.


This is an e-commerce website that is so unlike the usual ecommerce sites we are used to! Definetely not your regular. Not just that. This layout brings the fun of flipping through music at the record store right to your computer screen with just a hover interaction. Any music lover would feel nostalgic just being engaged with hovering through albums on this site because it captures the feel of being in a record stores. With this layout, Sound of the Universe has undoubtedly set itself apart from other music retailers who lack this sort of interactivity.





DESIGN LAYOUT: text based design.



Aside graphics and videos and ‘scrolly-telling’, expert usage of text too can look amazing if positioned rightly. This minimalist design would make the layout look clean and simple. Using this kind of layout naturally means going light on images while employing a solid-colored background. Impossible Bureau uses this kind of layout, featuring large text on a dark plain background. If you go on to hover over any column, it will light up to a vibrant gradient. Very engaging and attractive, but direct, if you ask us.





DESIGN LAYOUT: a masonry style with solid card laid out to fade in on hover.




It’s the simplicity for us. This layout by Paulos Collectives is explicit in a mild, smooth way that is absolutely easy on the eye and really easy to understand. It’s got all you need to know right in your face and with the right blend of colour for the perfect easy-feel. No dazzling complexity in design at all, and message well passed.





DESIGN LAYOUT: a symmetrical layout.



Beautiful right? Yes! They brought their ‘A’ game. HubSpot, known for sales, marketing, customer service, and more brought this very idea to the fore of their designs by presenting their numbers in a bold, spacious and attractive symmetrical format. The layout is extremely delicate and well-arranged, almost like its drawing you in. The grid, using no external lines gives the design the spacious feeling earlier mentioned. The background color is cool on the eyes and looks relaxing. There are no unnecessary images too or information too. It’s all compact.





DESIGN LAYOUT: asymmetric interactive design



Dropbox is a cloud storage service, often also used as a file-sharing service. The layout is dynamic and interactive. This layout has a pared-down menu that makes finding what you need very intuitive. You’d almost feel like you worked with the designers. The expert use of typography helps highlights the essential information to be delivered. The colors and fadings blend so well together, giving out a neat and organized feel. As a visitor, you could immediately feel the psychological tug to keep scrolling from the interactive elements.





DESIGN LAYOUT: a parallax animated illustration


Animated Website Illustration for Agency


This is one innovative look that checks the right boxes. This is a parallax animation. The designers of this are well grounded in the act of separating page elements into background extremes, creating a parallax effect, i.e the illusion that objects near to the viewer appear to move faster than objects farther away. This layout idea can work very well for ecommerce sites wanting to show off features of multiple products, while also guiding users to individual product views.





DESIGN LAYOUT: abstract shapes style


Miles Agency & Lab


It would amaze you what combination of shapes can give you if well combined into sprawling compositions. It gives an unmatched innovative vibe that stands you out immediately! And this can work without including actual images or human faces.





DESIGN LAYOUT: minimalist grid layout


Ecommerce Website Animation


How about a peek that urges your viewers to click without having to give out so much information from the landing page? Why not tell them where to go without necessarily using a navigation bar? How about making your navigation attractive images that are actually the main event and focus? This creates ease of navigation through your website, while being more visually interesting, plus it gives your viewers something different from the regular.



There you have it, guys! We hope you’ll pick something from these samples for your next projects. One last thing to note; if you’re ready to go for the best webdesign layout that could do justice to your brand, give Jetheights a go at it. With years of experience working with top notch brands to build their websites, you can be sure you’re in good hands. GOODLUCK!

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