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5 Simple Steps to Creating a Buyer’s Persona

5 Simple Steps to Creating a Buyer’s Persona

Do you know who your customers are? More importantly, do you know what they want or need from you?

Well, creating your buyers’ persona will help you get these clearly.

A buyer persona is a fictional person who represents your ideal customer or a portion of your audience. Their interests, challenges and problems align with your audience’s.

With a persona, you can create content that resolves your audience’s problems and speaks to their interests. And more importantly, to improve your overall marketing!

Below are the simple steps in creating a buyers’ persona, read on to learn.


Research your target audience:


Look at your current customer base. Who are your best customers and repeat purchasers? Are there any similarities between them?


Narrow down the most common details:


Having completed your research, narrow down your results by finding the most common answers you received from customers and subscribers.

Then, weed through your research to determine the most important details that’ll affect how you communicate with your audience.


Create separate personas:

The next step is to organize those details into separate personas. Identify people in your audience with the same challenges and goals and group them into their own category. These different categories will represent different personas.


Give your personas names:


Assigning a name to your persona will remind you that you’re speaking to an actual person when you write emails. This can help you write more personalized content.


Start writing personalized emails:


Now that you have created your buyers’ persona, you can start writing your emails and content with this persona in mind.


Creating a good persona will help Your target audience engage with your content more because they can find your content more personal, relevant to them. (And solve their problems!), and in return achieve your marketing goals.

Have you got a buyers’ persona?

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