October 2019

Building trust with your customers or potential customers might sometimes be a difficult task, here are some tips on how to build trust with your customers. Excerpts from our subsidiary site https://howng.com Focus on Exceptional Communication Timely, efficient communication should be a priority. It is important to make your clients feel comfortable being open and honest with you. They should feel that their ideas and concerns will be taken seriously. Maintain a...

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The world is changing! Are you ready for the jobs of tomorrow? Have you ever imagined how you would get a job at a time when the world has gone digital? Do you have the skills needed to stay relevant and thrive in this digital world? Now is the time to take a life-transforming decision. Whether you like it or not, the digital world has come to stay and it’s either it...

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Public relations they say is the keeper of the brand, and must effectively communicate to every stakeholder, be it customers, executives, investors or the market at large. Every new business needs to get the word out that they not only exist but offer services and products consumers need. Even established businesses need to continually market and attract new customers and clients. Whenever you need this service, think...

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