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4 Basic Skills You’ll Need to Run Successful Facebook/Instagram ads

4 Basic Skills You’ll Need to Run Successful Facebook/Instagram ads

Facebook/Instagram Ads has proven to be one of the best ways to reach your target audience and grow your business online, however, it could be very complicated & tricky to run.

Hence, some basic skills are required to run successful and highly converting ads.

This post covers the basic skills you need to master before you invest in Facebook/Instagram Ads for effective results. Read on to unravel those simple but powerful skills.


As a marketer, you just be able to write a good line of copy, whether you are a  professional copywriter or not. It is the way you present your line of thought, even from the headline that catches your audience attention and get them hooked.


Budget Management:

Budget management will be your actual life raft if you are working on paid advertising. If you run out of money so quickly, you may find it hard to survive in the game.


Marketing Funnel Building:

This is the base of all marketing, as a marketer, you must understand what makes an effective funnel, and how to craft one, no matter what you sell.


Tracking And Analytics:

You must understand how tracking and analytics work. No matter how good your marketing is, you will never know how well you are performing if you do not measure your progress through tracking and metrics.

As interesting and cost-effective Facebook and Instagram ads cool look, not having these basic skills may lead to poor results and disappointment. Hence, these skills as simple as they are must be mastered and smartly applied.

However, you can decide to save time and save yourself of stress, by employing the service of a professional who will walk with your business objectives and create/run your Facebook/Instagram ads.

Would you like to reach out to a professional? Then feel free to contact us at Jetheights. We will be glad to help you in creating the highly converting ads you want for your business.

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