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5 Apps You Need As a Brand/Business Owner

5 Apps You Need As a Brand/Business Owner

As a brand /business owner, there are various tools you can use to make your daily operations seamless, ranging from business page management, record keeping, file storage and management, automation, and the likes.

Check out these top picks of 5 apps you will find useful as a business owner.


This is a password manager with a comprehensive set of features, including automatic form-filling and password generation, among others. you don’t need to stress yourself trying to remember the series of passwords you’ve generated, 1Password securely store your account credential, which interestingly, allows you to share access with your team members, whenever you choose to.


This is an excellent social media management tool that can be used to monitor multiple social media streams in one place, Schedule Posts in Advance, Easily View Analytics Data, among others.

Google Drive:

Excellent cloud storage platform that supports multiple file types with the interface-friendly system, email access and cloud storage. It lets team members work together on shared files and offers the chance for instant feedback between them.


This is a collaborative work management app designed to track team projects, highlight tasks underway, show who they are assigned to, and detail progress towards completion.


Wave tracks your income and expenses and uses double-entry accounting. The app allows you to link unlimited bank accounts. It also has a shoebox function for receipts.
Wave is 100% web-based so you can access it from anywhere. It runs on both a PC and Mac and has a compatible app for invoicing and scanning receipts.

Interestingly, most of these apps have free versions while you can access the paid version which offers some more sophisticated tools for a token.

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