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Content Is Key, Content is King.

Content Is Key, Content is King.

“Content is Fire, Social media is Gasoline” – Jay Bayer

As at April 2018, the world’s population was estimated at 7.6 billion. The world wide web has 4.2 billion active users of the world’s population and about 3.03 billion are active on different social media platforms.

Content is KEY; Content is KING.

Facts About Content Marketing That You Should Know
1.   Content marketing is incredibly cost-effective and offers amazing ROI.
2.  The biggest brands in the world realize that content is the future. They are spending heavily on the future.
3.  Buyers trust content.

Facts About Social Media Marketing
1.    Seventy-one percent of small businesses will use social media content to attract new customers in 2018.
2.   Out of over 800 million Instagram users, 500 million are active every day.
3.   One billion hours of video are watched on YouTube daily.

You can create great content, but if you do not have social following to “consume” and engage it, the content is similar to having a billboard in the middle of the ocean

Keep track of insights and Analytics on a monthly basis to know what content your followers are more interested in.
No excuses! Get to work

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