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Five Frequent Myths About Enterpreneurship

Five Frequent Myths About Enterpreneurship

Entrepreneurs are born not made.

Many people assume that only those who have certain natural talents can be entrepreneurs. However, the truth is that almost anyone can become an entrepreneur if they can learn the necessary skills.


Starting a new business guarantees freedom.

A lot of people are drawn into entrepreneurship because of the wrong notion that they will be free from bosses’ pressure and the daily routine of 9-5 jobs and spend their time the way they want. However, this is not always true as they find out sooner are later that running their own business requires more sacrifice of their time.


Launching a company quickly leads to wealth.

Some mistakenly believe that starting a business is a quick money-making scheme. Although some companies are immediately successful, others take a little more time to get there. And you’ll soon realize that a demand to reinvest into the business is also placed heavily on you.


Quitting is for losers.

The fact is that not every idea will blossom into a sustainable company. Most successful entrepreneurs tried out many ideas before they find one that has legs. Quitting might look like a failure, but really, it’s a common part of the entrepreneur’s journey and can provide incredibly important lessons. Hence, it’s important to know when to walk away and move on to the next idea.


To have a successful business, you must have a unique idea.

There are thousands of businesses in the world with the same concept behind them, but it is the way they act that makes them different. For example, Coke and Pepsi, are both carbonated soft drink brands. However, they communicate their product differently. Sometimes, you do not need to reinvent the wheels.


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