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How To Leverage On User Persona For Effective Branding and Sales Boost

How To Leverage On User Persona For Effective Branding and Sales Boost

A buyer/user persona is a research-informed representation of your ideal customer. They’re your perfect client, created from data and represented with a picture, a name, and a set of unique characteristics. Note that your user personas should include all the information you need to know about consumer behaviour, demographics, location, and interest.


A buyer persona can be one of the most effective solutions for driving conversions. They enhance customer experiences in a structured way, which results in more effective sales and marketing output. Research tells us that user personas make websites anywhere between 2 and 5 times more effective for users, and result in a 100% increase in page visits! The only problem is, 85% of businesses don’t make the most of their user personas.


As a brand, knowing your ideal customers gives you a huge advantage over your competitors, because you will be able to tailor the experience you’re providing to specific interests and ideas.



How does your buyers’ persona influence your branding?

Your brand is how you are perceived in your industry. And, as they say, perception is reality. When companies create a brand, they often do so intending to create a backstory, manifesto, and presence that all link up with the needs and preferences of their customer.


If you can pay attention to user personas, or a buyer persona, when developing your brand, or rebranding, the chances are that you’ll develop something that aligns much more closely with your preferred customer.

This is because, in branding, there’s a need for you to focus on the underlying motivations and behavior of your potential customers.

Though the demographic details of your buyers might not come into focus, other elements, like what colours they prefer, the types of fonts they enjoy, and even the messaging they respond best to, can inform your brand.


The more you learn about your customers through user personas, the more you can refine your brand.



Here are some of the ways buyers’ personas influence your branding.

  • User personas could help you know the right social media platforms and direct your messages to get a wider spread of customers.
  • it could help you in crafting the right backstory which invokes emotion your customers’ emotion and empathy, which leads to a deeper connection.
  • a buyer persona could also give you an idea of your potential customers’ taste/preference, e.g the types of visual representation that is likely to attract them
  • A buyer persona could give you guidance into the fonts, colours, and design elements that your customers appreciate most in various branding elements, from your website to your printed materials. 
  • It also helps to have an insight into what is likely to put them off.


Below are the steps for creating your user persona template.

You’ll probably be broad at the start when creating user personas, or building a user persona template. Usually, by starting broad, you’ll make sure that you’re creating user personas that give you a fuller insight into your entire customer base. Once you have an idea of what you’re looking at with your buyer persona, then you’ll be able to start drilling down into the specifics. Note that it is possible that you could have multiple user persona templates


Here are just some of the elements you might want to define when creating user personas:

Location: Where do these user personas live? (You can also exclude specific areas here).

Age: What’s the general age range for this buyer persona?

Gender: What gender is this buyer persona?

Interests: What are these user personas interested in?

Education level: How educated is your buyer persona?

Job title: What field of work is the buyer persona is, and what kind of job titles might they carry?

Income level: What do your user personas earn?

Relationship status: Are your user personas married, single, etc?

Language: What languages do your user personas speak?

Favourite websites: Where does your buyer persona spend most of their time online?

Buying motivation: Why might user personas buy your product?

Buying concerns: Why might your buyer persona avoid your product?

However, answering all of these questions when creating user personas might not be needed, but they will help you to create a more comprehensive user persona template. Generally, the purpose should be to understand your customers better to communicate with them more effectively. Once you have the basics out of the way, you can hone in on some deeper issues:


Step 1: Name your user personas

You can name your buyer persona whatever you choose, just make sure it’s a real name so that he or she feels REAL to you. A user persona template should have enough detail to help you step into that imaginary person’s shoes and see your company from their perspective.

Step 2: figure out your user personas’ position

 One of your most effective resources for coming up with details when creating user personas will be customer surveys. When building surveys, remember to include fields for company size, job title, and kind of business. This will help you to position your persona in a real environment. For instance, he/she might be an executive for a health company, living in London.

Step 3: find out demographic information

Once you’ve positioned your user personas, you’ll need some demographic information. You can get some great insight into this through Google Analytics, as well as surveys. Learn as much as you can about where your customers live, what their gender is, how old they are, and what they think about technology. All this information will help you to create a much richer user persona template.

Step 4: Think about goals, challenges, values, and fears

 Usually, interviews with pre-existing customers will be the most effective at finding out useful information about customer goals, challenges, fears, and values. Ask questions that will give you a better insight into what drives your customers:

  • What does my buyer persona or user personas find important when shopping with our brand?
  • What’s prompting my buyer persona or user persona’s need for a solution?
  • What information does my buyer persona or user personas require before making a make a buying decision?
  • Who do my buyer persona or user personas turn to for information or advice?
  • How do my buyer persona or user personas act once they’ve decided?
  • Do my user personas or buyer persona need to get the approval of someone else to purchase something?
  • What could cause my buyer persona or user personas to change their mind?

This step will help to place you into the shoes of your user personas, so you can approach their situation with a sense of empathy. Think about common issues that arrive during the sales process, and think about what you can do as a brand to close the deal.

Step 5: Build your marketing message:

Finally, when you have all the information you need from creating user personas, you’ll be able to build your elevator pitches and marketing messages. Put your insight into the industry to use and think about the best ways you can meet the needs of each of the user persona templates you’ve developed.

At this stage, refining your message will be all about considering how you can best communicate with your ideal customer. It may also involve an analysis of how you can describe your product, service, or company to others.

Understand that you’ll learn more about your core buyer persona and the different customers that appreciate your brand as your business. As you evolve, don’t forget to go back and re-define user personas to make sure that your brand evolves and changes with the needs of your customers.



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