HR101: Hiring The Wrong Staff

HR101: Hiring The Wrong Staff

Oya gather here and Let’s gist.
One toxic yet very influential employee and your business go hear am! 😋

Quick Gist:
HR 101: Hiring the wrong person

Let’s be honest, Finding good staff or help is difficult, there’s no way you’re not going to eventually hire someone who isn’t a good fit for your small business or organization.

A lack of productivity, motivation or the presence of a negative attitude could ruin what would otherwise be an outstanding working relationship. Don’t let negative employees compromise your workforce — acknowledge your failure in hiring them, and either correct the problem, train and retrain or fire them and move on.

This 2019, may we find good hands, good people who will help drive the dream to its destination.

If you have had bad hiring experiences let me hear them in the comment box. 🤔


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