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Slide Jetheights Academy (Growth Hub Africa) is an online and offline platform by Jetheights Services Limited, training, supporting and mentoring Africa’s next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs via; educative modules that aid digital skill acquisition. It employs the Jetheights Academy (Online Training Platform), a Facebook group with over 60,000 Africans (business owners and individuals) and in-class training at the ‘Incubation Hub’.
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Learn from the leading experts in the data science industry,tensorflow project,dataset.


Learn from the leading experts in UI/UX industry. Graphics design project, UI/UX design project, Logo design project.


Learn from the leading experts in business world, learn how deals are made, how equity are shared amongst founders.


Learn from the leading experts in the marketing industry. Help your company grow,ROI and using social media marketing


Learn from the leading experts in the data science industry. Learn and get hands on practical the areas of web development, Android development etc.


Learn from the leading experts in the industry of Machine Learning, Virtual Reality,Artificial Intelligence,Augmented Reality Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, etc


When you hear "creative," what springs to your brain? Do you consider specialists of each kind and train – artists like Mozart and painters like Picasso and Jackson.


Learn from the leading experts in the area of growth, improve your career with our courses.

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Slide Richard Jackson Machine Learning Patrick Lowson Artificial Intelligence John Karlson Neural Networks Our Instructors Say Hello to

Slide We build a community of thought leaders, industry experts and leaders to offer real-time mentoring and accountability to coworkers and external individuals who will pay to participate.
We partner with startups and established businesses for amazing discounts, priority bookings and other perks to Growth Hub coworkers(Growth-hubbers).

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