Welcome to Jetheights Services Limited, We are Nigeria’s leading web design, content development, Marketing communications, Advertising and digital marketing agency proffering world class responsive website design, web development, e-commerce solutions, brand publishing and advertising, Content marketing, social media, branding and digital marketing services for any business.


About Jetheights

Jetheights Services Limited is Africa’s focused advertising & marketing communication firm. We are a fast-growing organization that builds small and medium sized companies, our focus is on Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa as the gateway to Africa. We operate in both United Kingdom & Nigeria.

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It is indeed time for the enterprising entrepreneur to look up more sources of increasing their income and one of the proven ways to do this is to advertise onlineNow it’s easier to advertise your business to a wider audience on our network of sites at Jetheights ® from diverse verticals and genres without having to break the bank.

Graphic Design

The powerful correlation between professional graphic design & business development embodied in Jetheights graphics production. Our graphic design solutions sets brand apart from competitors & associates business identity with a powerful symbol, icon, image or logo.

Content Marketing

As a content marketing agency, this tactic has been a forte of Jetheights since the very beginning. Our creative and technical minds have a daily habit of studying the latest trends and developments in content marketing. This enables us to build out strategies using the most cutting edge tactics to bring you the highest ROI.


We design professional crafted, compelling, intuitive and secure online platform with multiple shipping and payment methods for your convenience & that of your customers.



We love business owners.

Changes won’t happen overnight, but you can take the right steps to keep the company moving forward. It takes time and effort. Once you start reaping the benefits, you will realize that your effort is worth it.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing generates better revenues

Digital marketing has the potential to transform the way that you reach and engage your customers. One of the most important benefits of digital marketing is that it is the most cost-effective ways to market your business.


Website Design

Your website is an essential extension of your company.

We have built various of websites over the years and during that time we have been able to perfect lead generation for companies that have a high-ticket item sold in a long or complex sale cycle.



Make your business visible

SEO is a big buzz word around the digital marketing world right now. Is it really that big of a deal, though? In one word, yes. SEO is absolutely vital to thriving in the modern business world.


Mission Statement

To train, service and support by 2020; 10,000 client physically and 10,000 client online and by the end of 2030; 1,000,000 client online and 200,000 physically with tools and resources required to drive economic growth and equip top African talent with digital skills for global competiteveness.



At jetheights we support and grow forward-thinking brands and businesses with growth hacking tools, trusted technologies and expertise, while advocating the acceleration of digital skills for career development and enterpreneurship( in diverse sector ) for emerging leaders as net contributors to the national economy.


Core Values

Our values are what made people belive in us

INNOVATION : We believe in applying innovative appraoch to every bit and pieces of our work and ensuring our work show. TRUST: We believe intrusting every team member to deliver and acontribute his or her qouta to the project. EXCELLENCE: the quality of being outstanding or extremely good at what we do is what we pride ourselves in doing. ACCOUNTABILITY: Detailed work and expenses on project is what our client cherish us with. INTEGRITY| SERVICE | COLLABORATION




• To substantially increase the number of individuals with relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship through physical training. • To enhance technology and innovation capacity-building mechanism for Africans, irrespective of age, sex, gender and status. • To train 50,000 women and female children in and out-of-school on the rudiment of ICT, and take them master classes on relevant courses before the end of 2022. • To facilitate trainees’ access to networking and loans from Banks and allied financial institutions.

Our Work

A modern, comfortable, convenient and accessible co-working space in Ibadan.


Are you developer, content-creator, business person or freelancer in Ibadan? get access to modern workspace that also opens you up to meet other creatives, access to opportunities and doors to learn more in your respective fields.


Growth Hub Africa!

Jetheights Academy (Growth Hub Africa) is an online and offline platform by Jetheights Services Limited, training, supporting and mentoring Africa’s next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs via; educative modules that aid digital skill acquisition. It employs the Jetheights Academy (Online Training Platform), a Facebook group with over 60,000 Africans (business owners and individuals) and in-class training at the ‘Incubation Hub’der the growth Hub initiative.


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