Oja Buy

OjaBuy Nigeria is the most advanced, easy to use classifieds ads & shopping site for multiple sellers in Nigeria.

Ojabuy is a top Nigerian classified ad site with a clear mission.

Our goal is to be the best platform in Nigeria to buy, trade and sell new and used goods.

We believe that everyday, millions of Nigerians give, or throw away, valuable things like furniture, clothes, cell phones and other electronics. But why give or throw it away when you can sell it online through Ojabuy and make money?

Here’s a short story of how Ojabuy works

What we did:

  • Classified ad shopping platform design
  • Mobile friendly display
  • Easy social media share button
  • Logo design
  • Secure Website Information (SSL Certificate)
  • Technical support
  • Social media integration
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media management




October 6, 2018


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