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The 4Ds To Your Success

The 4Ds To Your Success

If you hope to succeed in whatsoever field you have chosen, then the D4 principle has to be applied:


To discover is to know what is expected, to study it, to see the problem and begin to create a solution. Remember, ‘Recovery begins with discovery’. Sometimes the problem is very hard to discover due to the present condition or the limit of our minds. In fact, what needs to be discovered might be born of the need to enhance or to aid. Take for example the Wright brothers. They invented the aeroplane, having realized the unspoken need for a faster and better means of transportation.No one had believed there could be planes, and so they didn’t think of it as a problem. The wright brothers however, saw beyond the ordinary and into the extra ordinary possibilities and this propelled them to act. Same applies to Mark Zugerberg and the facebook community.


Devotion means duty, discipline and determination. And until you see your goals/purpose as a duty you must perform and discipline yourself to fulfill them, you would never be able to achieve them. The Wright brothers didn’t relent, they didn’t procrastinate or give up. They understood the urgency of their purpose and remained focused, because they saw their goals as a duty to mankind. Imagine if they hadn’t pressed on, imagine a world without aircraft. Perhaps the craft would have been a dream buried alongside OTTO LILIENTHAL.


Distinction means a set apart, a cut above, finely separated, the ability to do more and to exceed expectations. Having discovered and remained devoted, life begins to unveil itself to you and success would roll itself at your feet in ecstasy.


Whatever is to be demanded must be something relevant, celebrated and recognised. This is simply the law of nature. When you begin to have value and worth, you would be high on demand. Thus, when you’ve achieved your goals/purpose, people would celebrate you because one way or the other you tend to add value to their world.

Make the decision to add value today. I hope this helps. Do have a great day ahead.

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