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Top 5 Payment Gateways for Business Owners in Nigeria

Top 5 Payment Gateways for Business Owners in Nigeria

As a business owner, one of the greatest favour you can do your business is taking it online, and the next is creating a platform to make payment easy.

There are a series of payment gateways in Nigeria today, however, before selecting a payment gateway ensure you consider the Network Security, how friendly the transaction fee is, how well it does with international transactions

In this post, we shared some commonly used payment gateways in Nigeria that you can also consider for your online business transactions. Read on to find out.


Paystack allows web store owners receive payment through credit cards, debit cards, and also via other channels. A feature of Paystack that makes it outstanding is that you do not need to have a website to use Paystack. It allows you to receive your money through invoices or your payment pages.

Flutterwave allows you to receive payment both internationally and locally with zero stress and set-up fee. This payment gateway support receiving payment in several currencies. They have made online payments safe, secure, and easy.

Stripe is well known for its flexibility, setup ease, and its integration. It allows businesses to receive payment in any currency. To use Stripe, you will need to have a registered business and a tax ID.

Voguepay is an easy and secure way to send and receive money all over the world. This payment gateway has made it possible for customers and businesses to transact in all major currencies irrespective of location.
A unique feature of Voguepay is that it provides a safe platform where payment in bitcoin is accepted.

This payment gateway is the best way to accept and manage payments that recur in Nigeria. A unique feature of this gateway is that it will automatically retry payments until it goes through if there is an issue with the customer’s card. Also, you can receive payments without having a website, all you have to do is create a form and send the link to your customers.

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