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Top 5 Website Types You Can Have As a Brand Or Business Owner.

Top 5 Website Types You Can Have As a Brand Or Business Owner.

When you take your business online, you are solving two main needs. “One, you are attracting customers and the other is that you’ll have the platform to transact digitally.

Having a social media presence for your business is great, but if you really want to connect with your potential customers, having a website is a critical way to do so.

Hence, understanding the different types of business websites you can choose from is important.

This post covers the top different types of websites you can have for your business, read on to explore.

1. eCommerce site/online store: this is for you if you sell products and you would really love people to buy from you, 24/7 even when you are not there.

2. Portfolio: this is for you if you offer creative services like artists, writers, designers, photographers, and other professionals who want to showcase examples of their top projects to potential new clients.

3. Booking website: A booking site is a great solution for businesses like salons, medical offices, and appointment-based consultants. It enables you to easily take customer appointments through digital channels.

4. Blog: this is a great platform for you if you’re interested in putting your ideas out there, or you want to engage in content marketing to help drive interest in something you sell/service you render.

5. Landing page or lead generation site: if you are building a sales funnel, or you want site viewers to take a targeted action such as signing up for a free trial, registering for a newsletter, or contacting you for more information, a landing page is a great tool.

However, note that you do not need to have a separate website for each of these activities, you can combine multiple types of websites like having a blog site on your business website, or incorporating forums into online stores.

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