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Watch The Relationships You Keep!

Watch The Relationships You Keep!

A young man came to see me on Monday, he sat and started crying.
He had wanted to see me in December, but I was too busy.

Why was he crying?, this was a guy who lost his father 10 years ago, his mum who is a petty trader could only do so much, he hustled hard and sent himself to school, OND, then HND. Finished, Served and got a small job. He was doing well until the company went under in 2014.
That was when we met, he started his small business (Buying and selling used laptops, phones and other small gadgets) with 250k, until last year when he lost everything.

On one of his trips to Lagos, he met his childhood friend who did the same business.

They went into some form of partnership in 2017, things improved. This friend came up with the idea they should put everything they had together and start importing from China, he agreed.

Feb, 2018, friend travels to China, got there and sent photos of products to be bought and all, this young man wires the 7m they both raised to his friend in China. Funds were confirmed.

2 days after, friend disappears, not a word ever since. Broke, Depressed, His ‘Fiancee’ left him last September for another man, a relationship of 3 years o. He’s been searching for a job and couldn’t even find one, His life turned upside down.

All the friends he had helped left, wouldn’t help, some of them he was instrumental to them setting up their businesses, his mentees, avoid his calls now. He almost lost it, frustrated, so depressed that he has contemplated suicide twice now.

I was so touched by his story, that I couldn’t speak for 5 mins, I found this video on Facebook, downloaded it and told him to watch. Click link to watch video: https://www.facebook.com/Jetheights/videos/2200115250050653/

I spoke to him about some life’s experiences, some shocked him.
Told him about opportunities he could start with N40k and how to go about them, As we talked some more, his eyes lit, that was all I needed. There goes HOPE!

I said to him, I hope you’ve learnt your LESSONS?

See FAM, Until you’ve learnt the life lessons of a particular phase, you will keep resitting that class.

Don’t make the same ‘Relationship’ mistakes you made in 2018.
Be intentional about your inner CIRCLE. Be like Jesus.

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