Women In Business: An Interview with Mrs Tinu Smith

Women In Business: An Interview with Mrs Tinu Smith

It was awesome having Mrs Tinu Smith in our studio to talk on Women In Business under our WomenAfrica platform. It was a really fun time.

It’s obvious that we need more women participating and blazing the trail in Business, Politics, Leadership Positions and all walks of life.

Collaboration is the way to go right now because no man is an island and you can’t do all things on your own. Find the right groups and collaborate for better and faster results.

I’m looking at leaving a legacy for those coming behind me to be able to learn what we’ve learnt and not to make the same mistake and also grow their businesses – Tinu Smith.

If you missed the live session: check our Facebook page on Nigeriananews for the full interview.(Video)

Full Interview on Womenafrica.com

visit https://bit.ly/2pRAAYN

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